“The greatest sources of our suffering are the lies we tell ourselves.”

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My early twenties felt like I was trying to hold sand with a colander. I was working to be an authentic actor, but I barely knew myself. I was trying to be loveable without loving myself. I was looking to fill up the holes with wine and insecure friendships.

This entire existence was underscored by extreme anxiety that kept me up late into the nights and I was unable to take a break from work or negative self-talk. Maddie McGuire beautifully talks about her experience with a former photo of herself in her article on how she avoided being a…

How to build scenes with an active protagonist and a satisfying, meaningful power switch

Nail that power switch! Source: Burst, on Pexels.

Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Social Network’ is chock full of amazing scenes. I want to break this break-up scene down, pointing out the importance of a scene having a POWER SHIFT, or a set-up, switch, and arrow. So, let’s stop and watch it now!

Firstly, whose scene is it?

Sometimes this can be tricky. A lot of times, multiple characters want something in a scene. However, the character that goes through a set-up, switch, and arrow is who we’re tracking on the story. It’s often the lead character, but most of all, it’s the person who gets FARTHER or CLOSER to a goal in the scene.

Ask me about history, my move to Italy, or INSANE family stories/ coffeecake recipes.

Hello, there! *poses on elbow*

Thinking about what’s for dinner…

My name is Flannery Maney and I’ve been agonizing about how to write an ‘about me’ summary for days now. I’d promised myself that I’d start it, and if I wanted to scrap it at any second, I could. If you are in fact reading this, I have pushed through my fears. There was definitely red wine involved.

I write about personal things all the time from love, to my screenwriting career, to how I’m passing time in this soul sucking…

A skill that Dante and Elizabeth Gilbert have in common

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Walking around my mom’s snowy Ohio neighborhood yesterday, the soothing voice of Elizabeth Gilbert reading her groundbreaking, life-making novel Eat, Pray, Love sang in my ears. She was telling the story of her horrendous divorce.

Liz had made money as a novelist for over a decade, owned a home and a Manhattan apartment. But there she was, offering to give it all up, just to rid herself of the hateful proceedings of divorce and her husband. I was shook.

Monetary success as a writer and being able to afford property are among my wildest dreams. My life goals.

Continuing to push through and failing to notice what’s drumming up inside of you is only making things worse.

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After a 2 hour drive to Milan, 8 hour flight to LaGuardia, and a 9 hour drive to Columbus, I was finally at my mom’s house, a place that I associate with two things: comfort and vacation.

I say comfort, and I mean the mental comfort that comes with spending time with family. In reality, my boyfriend and I have been curling up every night in my childhood bed, surrounded by my middle school book collection and a series of plush pillows from Limited Too!.

I still have a lot of work to do technically…but since I’ve arrived, I’ve cozily…

Transform your space into a dreamy and minimalistic oasis

If there’s anything I learned from moving my entire apartment into my boyfriend’s 1-bedroom last year, it’s that less is more.

I used to be drawn to stuff — vibrant art, every area of free space covered — then I started struggling to sleep through the night.

I realized that a better option for keeping the mind free of mental clutter and your surroundings free of actual clutter is to keep things minimal. Especially in this era of lockdown where our living room is also a gym, movie theater, office, and a place of social “gathering” (over zoom).

Scandinavian style. // Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Elements of Scandinavian style

Calm & cozy

This style…

My first of many nights enjoying the Columbus indie rock scene

From as early as I can remember, indie music has been prevalent in my life. My nursery songs were hits by the Beatles and the Monkees. My high school experience was defined by excursions to see alternative bands. Even now, I love watching obscure bands at The Mint or Bar Lubitsch in Los Angeles.

Photo by Vishnu R Nair from Pexels

I was 15, and I’d finished my homework early on purpose. I was in my flower-covered childhood bedroom, which I then just called my bedroom…comparing a faded jean jacket and a corduroy peacoat from a thrift store downtown. I was about to see my favorite band…

How to level up this Spring, even when life looks the same

Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels

Something about this pandemic has me chasing change, like a dog chasing a bone. I want to run towards something, ride a momentum wave, move where we’re living, move where we’re living again, and never sit still.

I think it’s because I’m an outdoor cat at heart and truly feel trapped in a pandemic lifestyle. So I wrote down my list of ways to get up, get going, get moving, and start manifesting the exact life you want post-pandemic. After-all, we’re fast on our way there!

Switch up your schedule

The things I do every day: write, workout, walk/bike/run outside, clean, and connect with…

It’s easy to put stuff off in the deep crevasse that is quarantine.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels

When something scares me, or excites me because it has stakes in my life, I often find myself putting it off. I’m not working my teaching job right now and we’re currently locked down in Italy, so I basically have oodles of time.

I also have a pitch meeting that got scheduled a month out — the ultimate curse. Okay, super stoked to have a pitch. But I do struggle with things that I have too much time for.

I thrive in the last minute Hail Mary

Like Aaron Rodgers, I can throw one hell of a Hail Mary. I’ve spent so many years in high performative and…

When someone elevates you, all the antes are upped

Perks that take you to new heights! // Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Sure, the kind gestures, surprise gifts, support when you’re down, and day-to-day friendship mean the world to me. I dream about our movie nights snuggled up together and cherish our daily lunchtime walks. There’s a lot to be grateful for in a healthy relationship.

In fact, some lovely behavior is showing me that not only were my standards drastically low before, but that in some ways, I expected bad behavior.

I’ve recently embarked on a journey of EMDR, which (in my laywoman’s basic explanation) is a practice of reprocessing past events…events from which we’ve drawn “solid conclusions”. …

Flannery Maney

History/Life/Travel. Featured on The Ascent & Curious. From Ohio, but currently call LA, London, & Italy home. Love histories, crime dramas, and kids animation!

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