Ask me about history, my move to Italy, or INSANE family stories/ coffeecake recipes.

Hello, there! *poses on elbow*

My name is Flannery Maney and I’ve been agonizing about how to write an ‘about me’ summary for days now. I’d promised myself that I’d start it, and if I wanted…

My post-pandemic schedule was begging for an upgrade

Today, I woke up at 7 am while having a dream that I was painting a mural. That’s when my boyfriend rubbed my shoulder and murmured that my alarm had been going off for ten minutes. This week, I made myself a promise, and it involves the exact hours of…

Sometimes “quality over quantity” really hits home

When I was nestled into our Torino stay for five months, I had a strict daily to-do list. Practice Italian, write, work freelance gigs, get outside, read, workout….wash, rinse, repeat. …

My take on “space” for Medium’s latest writing challenge

I have terrible claustrophobia. Catch me in the backseat of a tiny car, a shoebox-sized Manhattan apartment, or trapped under a blanket, and I am most likely doing rescue breaths. …


Highlights from our magical month, with tips to live like a local

Last October, my boyfriend and I packed up the car and drove along winding Swiss roads, from Northern Italy to the heart of Germany. I’ve been to Munich once before, but this trip was full of magic, umber leaves, and a taste of the local life.

We arrived in Gräfelfing…

My take on “re-entry” for Medium’s latest writing challenge

There was a thwack, several violent bumps, and then my vision returned. I hazily looked up at my friend, who was staring at me, dumbstruck. I had fainted down a spiral staircase and my face was, as he described it, split open. I needed stitches, but we’d hiked into a…

Be your unstoppable self, while building your allies

I want women to feel unstoppable because really, they’re rarely encouraged to. In this “modern era” as women continue to fight for equality, sometimes we’re faced with anger, aggression, and unfairness. …

Mood boosters for a dreary Sunday to inspire a brilliant week

It’s raining on and off today in East Williamsburg. After spending some time in the park reading this morning, my boyfriend and I fell asleep on the couch, but I woke up with a general feeling of blah. Given that it was our last in New York, this week was…

Sometimes, all it really takes is a quick fix

Earlier in the pandemic, I was lying on the floor, wracking my brain about how I would make money in a fully locked down society. I’d been working as a teacher for years and pursuing writing in the entertainment industry, but I had actively avoided freelance writing.

Non-depressing ways to persist through rejection and keep trying

In Stephen King’s memoir On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, he reveals that he continually got rejected before breaking through and finding fame and success. When he’d write to a publishing company, they’d mail him back a physical rejection. King would then swiftly hang the letters on the wall.

Flannery Maney

History/Life/Travel. Featured on The Ascent & Curious. From Ohio, but currently call LA, London, & Italy home. Love histories, crime dramas, and kids animation!

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