How to reconnect and rebuild, one relationship at a time

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My favorite day of the week used to be Monday night. I’d leave a crowded LA coffee shop, put the finishing touches on some pages, cross town with a bottle of wine and cheese puffs in hand, and join my group of four fabulous lady writers. We’d drink wine, snack, and share our work. We supported each other through the trials of our careers and swapped valuable industry information and insight.

In the pandemic, I lost my Monday group, my roommates, my film crew, my creative company and our frequent open mics, my football party group, and the countless families…

Sometimes, all it really takes is a quick fix

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Earlier in the pandemic, I was lying on the floor, wracking my brain about how I would make money in a fully locked down society. I’d been working as a teacher for years and pursuing writing in the entertainment industry, but I had actively avoided freelance writing. I already spend my entire day writing scripts, I thought.

After an hour of dread, I sat up and built a writing Fiverr page. 6 months later, I have a career as a freelancer. Recently, I drastically upped my game.

Whether you’ve crested your earnings peak or are looking for new ways to…

Ask me about history, my move to Italy, or INSANE family stories/ coffeecake recipes.

Hello, there! *poses on elbow*

Thinking about what’s for dinner…

My name is Flannery Maney and I’ve been agonizing about how to write an ‘about me’ summary for days now. I’d promised myself that I’d start it, and if I wanted to scrap it at any second, I could. If you are in fact reading this, I have pushed through my fears. There was definitely red wine involved.

I write about personal things all the time from love, to my screenwriting career, to how I’m passing time in this soul sucking…

Be your unstoppable self, while building your allies

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I want women to feel unstoppable because really, they’re rarely encouraged to. In this “modern era” as women continue to fight for equality, sometimes we’re faced with anger, aggression, and unfairness. Just ask the guy who berated me about this article (thinking I was giving advice to men) without even reading it!

What if I don’t feel unstoppable, Flannery?

I would argue that a lot of people don’t really feel unstoppable. But a lot of people are excellent at faking it. So, here’s a list of how I, a 5'2", insecure writer, sucessfully fake my big dick energy.

For the…

Mood boosters for a dreary Sunday to inspire a brilliant week

It’s raining on and off today in East Williamsburg. After spending some time in the park reading this morning, my boyfriend and I fell asleep on the couch, but I woke up with a general feeling of blah. Given that it was our last in New York, this week was jam-packed with social plans and sight-seeing. Today was supposed to be a day of productivity, yet here I was, dozing on the couch.

Instead of being hard on myself, I wrote out a list of three actionable goals for the rest of the day. Still slipping into a general sense…

Non-depressing ways to persist through rejection and keep trying

A person writes notes while working at a laptop.
A person writes notes while working at a laptop.
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In Stephen King’s memoir On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, he reveals that he continually got rejected before breaking through and finding fame and success. When he’d write to a publishing company, they’d mail him back a physical rejection. King would then swiftly hang the letters on the wall.

“By the time I was fourteen the nail in my wall would no longer support the weight of the rejection slips impaled upon it. I replaced the nail with a spike and went on writing.” — Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

When an email came in…

How to keep the magic alive, even years into a commitment

Coffee, work, workout, chores, maybe get to watch a show before passing out. That’s the schedule of our relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for the large part of two years and my relationship with him has been my longest and most adult commitment to date.

I used to be a serial dater, though. I loved the LA lifestyle, and the LA lifestyle loved me. It kept me ebbing on the fringe of real emotions and responsibilities. …

These days, I’ve been struggling to feel fully inspired by my writing. I’m chugging away at a novel, I’m in a holding pattern, and more than that, I’m living in a New York shared stay where I’m lucky to get two hours of uninterrupted writing time a day.

Being the artist I want to be is often half the battle. That being said, even in the most transient living situations, inspiration can be found.

Get Outside

Just soaking in the outside world is a huge dopamine rush. Usually getting outside goes hand-in-hand with exercise, whether it’s a brisk walk or a bike…

How to pull it off and grow from it

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This pandemic has many of us uprooted. Whether you’re staying with your Great Aunt Zelda in Fort Lauderdale, spending time with your uptight sister and her exuberant kids, or living in central Ohio (like us!), “home” is taking on a completely new meaning these days.

I moved out to LA and proclaimed my independence at the ripe old age of 19, where my boyfriend left Italy and hasn’t been back for more than a couple of weeks since he left. We’re Los Angelinos, doers, movers and shakers, sprinting through life with few breaks. …

Travel. Travel Tips.

Tips and tricks for long-term living and traveling

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I haven’t slept in my own bed for a solid year. Most of my earthly possessions are stuffed into a storage unit in the middle of Los Angeles. I am also a medium-maintenance former actor with goals to look like I’m wearing something other than pajamas. It’s going…OK!

I can live while traveling and be relatively okay. Do I miss my desk, my reference books, and having some fashion options? YES!

But I used to think traveling was reserved for vacation. Or staying in one place, buying stuff, and LIVING abroad. Never before did I think I could live in…

Flannery Maney

History/Life/Travel. Featured on The Ascent & Curious. From Ohio, but currently call LA, London, & Italy home. Love histories, crime dramas, and kids animation!

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