Protocol, PCR tests, and protection in Los Angeles schools

Yesterday, I decided to “double mask” before walking into the school where I teach programs part-time. What was previously a joy has become a stressful experience filled with a lot of COVID protocol. I still love my work, but unfortunately, the warm, social environment these elementary schools usually inspire has…

Their business is you giving them money — take your power back

I see the Internet splashed with amateur professionals, who aren’t even at the tops of their fields, peddling the promise of success. Newsflash? The only reason they’re successful is because you’re buying their overpriced snake oil.

Social media has facilitated a class of “experts” that have a platform to create…

What I learned, what I gained, and what was shocking

One month ago, I embarked on the journey of holding myself accountable for my writing time in order to re-commit to some sort of schedule. It involved waking up at 7 am, focusing on professional development (ie writing and all things related), and pursuing personal goals in the late afternoon.

How a year of living while traveling impacted my creative life

From panic-inducing COVID exposure to travel fees to lacking space to spread out and work, our year abroad was anything but stable. From Italy to Spain to Mexico to the American Midwest, we were constantly on the go.

Now that we’re back in Los Angeles and our careers and lives…

Flannery Maney

History/Life/Travel. Featured on The Ascent & Curious. From Ohio, but currently call LA, London, & Italy home. Love histories, crime dramas, and kids animation!

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